Saturday, April 22, 2006

Another Story by me

No Time
By: Jonneatha Boggs

Disclaimer: I do not own the song lyrics….they are from the song “She Didn’t Have Time” by Terri Clark. However I do own the characters in this story.

He said goodbye from the edge of the porch
like she'd been some casual friend
he said "your better off with out me
I’m not what you need"
like her momma had said about him
he started the car
pulled out of the drive
didn't waste any time lookin' back
she watched him go
thinkin' even a stranger
would show more compassion than that
she could've cried but she didn't have time
she had a baby to feed
a pink blanket to find
to rock their little one to sleep
she could've laid in bed for hours
giving misery the power
but she didn't have time

Adrian and Madison had been together for almost three years ever since she was 17. They had their fair share of hardships and her mother still did not like him after all these years. They had never gotten married but they did have a 10 month old daughter named Sicily. She was the female version of her father in looks.
Madison and Adrian had fought that day particularly bad and he had had enough. He packed his clothes and a few things that meant something to him and walked out the door with Madison following behind him like a lost puppy. He walked to the edge of the porch and turned to look at her. “Maddie your better off with out me I‘m not what you need.” he paused for a second and then nodded his head slightly to her “Goodbye.” That was all he said as he got into his truck and drove off not wasting a second thought a lookin‘ back. Madison stood there watching him go to shocked for words. A stranger would have shown more compassion than that to her and their child. Her mother had always said the she was better off without him, but she had never listened. She now understood that she was right. At that moment she wanted to cry but she didn’t have the time to do that. She had to feed Sicily, and find the pink blanket that always seemed to come up missing.
That night after she rocked the little one to sleep she could have laid in bed awake for hours letting all the misery have its power but she simply didn’t have the time to do it. Quietly before drifting off to sleep she said “I promise you Sicily that I will always be there for you and I will make sure that you have everything you need.”

she got a sitter, she got a job
'cause she had a promise to keep
her day was a factory and evening survival
at night was exhaustion and sleep
sometimes she felt life was passing her by
and watching was all she could do
her friends said "you gotta get outta the house
and maybe you'll meet someone new"
she could've tried
but she didn't have time
she had a five year old to feed
she had ballet class, piano lessons
and t-ball little league
she could've laid awake for hours
giving lonely nights the power
but she didn't have the time

The following Monday she hired a sitter and after two days of looking she got a job. She had a promise to keep and come hell or high water she was going to do just that. From 7:30am to 5:00pm she worked in a factory and her evenings were filled with her just trying to survive. By night fall she was so exhausted and sleep just came. Sometimes she felt life her life was passing her by and the only think she could do was watch it. All of her friends told her “You need to get out of the house, and maybe then you’ll meet someone new.” She could have tried, she knew she could she was only 25 and still very pretty, but she just didn’t have the time to do that. She had a 5 year old to feed, ballet class and piano lessons to pay for and t-ball little league to take her daughter too. She could have just laid in bed like her sister did when her man left her. Giving lonely night the power to control her but she just didn’t have the time.

not time where would she find the time
to trust a man again
not time for that flat tire
in a crowded parking lot and then

She thought she would never find the time to ever trust a man again as she pulled into the crowded parking lot a the local a coffee shop before work to get some donuts before heading home. Coming out she caught a glimpse of her back tire and sighed. It was flat. She sighed, that was one thing she never learned how to fix. A man walked up and asked her if she needed a hand she smiled gratefully and he took over what she had been trying to do.

not time but yes have coffee with the man
that got her tire fixed
she was thinking gosh he's handsome
when he asked "do you have kids"?
she could've lied
but she didnt have time
all she said was "she's five"
he said "i saw the car seat I love kids
does she have your eyes?"
and they sat and talked for hours
giving destiny it's power
she could've been afraid
to fall in love that night
but she didn't have time
she could've been afraid
to fall in love that night
but she didn't have time

He turned to look at her as he finished up loading the old tire into the trunk. “Have a cup of coffee with me.” She hesitated a minute but decided that she owed this man that much at least for the time he took to fix the tire. They walked in a sat at a table as the sipped coffee she thought to herself ‘gosh he is handsome.’ at the exact moment he asked “Do you have kids?” At that moment she studied him. She could have easily have lied but she knew that she couldn’t risk that so all she said was “She’s five.” He nodded and smiled “I saw the car seat when I was fixing the tire. I love kids, don’t have any of my own but I hope to some day. Does she have your eyes?” he asked and she nodded in reply.
They sat there for hours giving destiny the power to decide what would happen. She could have easily been afraid to fall in love that night but she didn’t have time. So 1 year later they were married, and 9 months after that they Sicily had a baby brother who they named Cody after the coffee shop they met at.