Thursday, March 16, 2006

Well I saw Ducky yesterday for like 10 minutes or something I don't know. He thinks that just because he saw me that everything is okay and that I believe that he loves me. Well I don't so he shouldn't think so. I wrote him a letter that said he had till March 31st at 11:59pm to make up his mind. He won't because he saw me and thinks everything will be okay. He will get a rather nasty shock come April 1st when he gets all his shit back.

I had to work yesterday....I really want a new job working there is just not the kind of situation I like. I am only getting 10 hours this week.

I got my class info from Maysville today. My summer classes start on the 5th of June and then my fall classes start on the 15th of Aug. So I need to see about getting my books. $588 dollars for two classes and that doesn't include my books. I am praying I get finacial aid.

There was an attempted kidnapping at Shell Mart today. You never expect that kind of thing to happen so close to town. Mom is going into over-protective mode. Damn it really sucks.

I almost hit a deer and a oposum(sp?) yesterday night it was mad crazy. It was my own fault for being out at that ungodly hour but oh well. I am thinking about going to the Sweet 16 Tournament at Rupp tonight. I don't know yet.

Well got to run. TTYL!