Monday, March 27, 2006

Okay so there is a lot of drama in one day. Kirby got a warrent out on my mom....and Mackie (Ducky's older sister) got a crimal summons on her. The goddamn fucking psycho bitch....Kirby better pray my mom doesn't go to jail and have to stay because I promise this on all my nephews and nieces that if she does that bitch will not live past the next 48 hours of it happening. So help me God I will either beat her to death myself or find me someone who will. I hate her enough that going to jail would suit me just fine to have the satisfaction to know the reason why I went there. She fucking called me a nigger whore one to many times.....and cussed me out for no reason....gave ducky hell and she will pay for it. Another thing if Ducky don't stand up and say that he done part of what she is lieing and saying mom done that he WILL be kicked to the curve and he WILL be put back in jail because that damn bound mom paid out can be revoked and I know enough shit on him to get him sent there for 3+ years. So that is another fucker that best have his priorities straight.

So I think mom is going to go to FL.....haha. Actually it will be Bugs, Sarah, Mom, and Me hitting the beach in Florida. I can't wait it is going to be fucking SWEET!! I have never seen the ocean before.

I am still sick and it sucks let me tell you it does. I am ready to be better. I keep coughing and it is about killing me along with my nose.

Well dolls I am going to head off to bed. I need to get some sleep....I need to find out if my mom is going to let me work or not.

TTYL. Ciao.