Thursday, March 30, 2006


I went to work today....I have made up my mind to put an application into Influent now after today. I will do that either tomorrow or Monday.

After work I went to Sarah's and went 4-wheeling in a jeep. In was Bugsy, Sarah, Wendell, and me in one jeep. Missy and Freddy in the black jeep, two other guys in what they call a helldorado, then two guys and a girl in a orange jeep, then we met up with Dooney, Jeff, and Dooney's to boys in a Cherokee. Also there was a guy on actual 4-wheeler and a guy named Casey on a horse. It was really cool we were up in the woods from a little after 3 to 15 till 6. It was awesome....we got muddy and wet and most of the people were drinking. We had to rush though to get back and I manged to get back with 3 minutes to spare. Quite frankly it was a miracle.

Tomorrow I am supposed to go Lexington shopping with Sarah, her daughter Whitney, and mom. Bugsy is paying for Sarah and mine stuff we buy. Haha Bugsy takes care of Sarah and I get benefits of that now.