Friday, March 24, 2006

Aiight so today was alright I had to work from like 9am till 11am. Which was fine with me cuz all I had to do was right down numbers, call and get their fax number, and then send them an advertising rate sheet. So that was cool. Today was payday too so I got my first pay check which was $101.75 which really isn't much but it was for 18 1/2 hours of work with 2 weeks because I am only a part time worker. So yeah $50 went into my bank account and then I bought a couple things.

Mom bought two chicks is a road island red and the other is a black one that I am not sure what it is. I am getting a duck hopefully Tues. they are supposed to be in by then.

So we went to Sarah's and then we had to leave cuz she had to come to town so she swings by the house and we talk and she talks mom into letting me go up to her house for a lil' bit. So she drops her daughter off and then comes and picks me back up and takes me to her house. Bugsy is her man and he comes home with a 25 pack of beer and a bottle of pucker island blue for me and her. So yeah I had like a cup and a half of pucker island blue mixed with fruit punch gator aid over slushy ice.....add two loratab 5's and it makes for a pretty cool evening to say the least. I didn't get drunk or high or anything like that. I got a buzz and my body stopped hurting from the flu so it's all good.

So yeah mom picked me up around 9 and I have been trying to fix my computer. It's really slow because my dad downloaded a bunch of stuff on it. It really sucks because I have to use this computer to fix all my graphics.

So here is a couple pictures for you.

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Image hosting by Photobucket

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