Monday, March 20, 2006

Absolutely Awesome 1 year ann.

Okay so we were supposed to clean a new doctors office but that didn't happen. I won't complain though. I got up at like 8:25am and not even 5 minutes later someone bangs on my window I pause then run out the door just to see Ducky walk out of sight. I yell at him and he comes back but can only stay a second cuz he has to go to court. So I was like well there he goes I won't see him anymore today but mom goes to the courthouse and waits for him and brings him back to the house. So we were talking and stuff and I was like how long do you get to stay and he said as long as you want. So I was like can we go to Lexington and he said yeah so I sent mom to the bank to get out $100 of my money and so Mackie his sister calls and tells him she is picking him up and he is all like I have to go and stuff and so I totally lose it. I cry and beg him and so he was like okay I will stay then he wavered slightly when she blew the horn and I told him that if he left that I was done that I had never asked him for anything and I was for once and that it was our one year anniversery and he owed it to me and so he finally decided to go. So she came back a second time and I told her he left with some guy and after she left we left and went to Lexington.

So when we got to Lexington we went to Purple Haze so he could see the bongs and stuff, then we went to Hustlers and I bought a flick-a-dick (candy dick), a chocolate aphrodiasiac, a belly button ring, a shirt that says "Barely Legal" and a hustler think pink cup.

Our next stop was the mall. We ate at Arby's or atleast mom and I did, then we went shopping...I think I dragged him into all the main stores and I ended up with a pair of ducky house shoes for aeropostal.

So after we left there we went to a store called Intimate Apperal which was similar to Hustler. I bought a silver bullit vibrator that is awesome for $7, a thing of shave cream for down there, and a bottle of lube.

Finally we left Lexington and headed home making one pitstop for me a chocolate dipped icecream.

So when we got home me and him went to the basement and I rehung all his clothes and we talked for a long time. I told him everything sorta. I told him that before he mellowed out that I was scared of him at times, and that I was tired of Kirby, I told him that I had no friends.....just everything. A lot of promises were made and I am just waiting to see if he keeps them. He told me that if he didn't spend the day with me when I got off work that I could pack his stuff up and dump it out. I hope he keeps his promise.

Well I have to go to bed. I have to work sometime tomorrow.