Monday, February 13, 2006

Well Hmmm

Well today was certainly interesting I guess. Ducky didn't show up last night due to the snow. So this morning around 10:30am we went out there and the car was down the road so we went up to the school where we have service and called over to Freda's where he was and he said to give him a few minutes well Kirby passed us with her mommy and Cheyanne and I was like well hmm ya know that looked fimilar but I didn't think anything about at the time well 45 minutes passed and we drove back passed the house and there was Kirby at the back door trying to get Ducky to let her in which apparently he did. So I was pissed to say the least. 7:18pm rolls around and he calls saying that he kicked Kirby out crying and wouldn't let her have Cheyanne and Freda helped him. He said that Kirby said she would call the cops. So I don't know. Personally I am still rather pissed off about the whole situation. But there ain't shit I can do so I don't really give a flying fuck right now.

My brother Shane called me it was the first time I talked to him in almost a year. Freaky. He is supposed to send me pictures of Conner (my nephew who will be a year old the end of June). I also talked to Amy her oldest boy Cameron isn't liking Gage anymore. She also promised to send some pictures. Hopefully I can go up soon and see all my little nephews. See with the luck of my family the fact that Amy and I are the only girls born (Uncle Scott has four boys, My mom (biological) has two boys, Amy has two boys, and Shane has one boy) I would with luck end up with a boy if I got pregnant which would be what I wanted. But knowing me I would be the first one to bless the bunch with a girl. Haha. I told Ducky if he knocked me up and it was a boy that he didn't get to name it. That it's name would be Adrian Dwayne Todd. Adrian just cuz I like that name, Dwayne after Ducky, and Todd after momma's (adopted mom) son who died when he was 5. I told him if it was a girl he could name it though. But right now I ain't prego so I ain't worried bout it.

Tomorrow I have to see Nora (my probation officer) and then Wed. I have to go to counseling. Which sucks major ass and might actually do me good if I could talk to them without fear that they would court order my records like they did before. I mean shit my family is so screwed up I need help but it going be from the crazy doctors.

Thursday we are going back to Big Brothers to help him as far as I know. Ducky will say he is going but I doubt he will which means I take care of Alexis and am utterly bored out of my mind wondering what Ducky is doing.