Saturday, February 18, 2006

Stamped // Neatha and Ducky Update.

Woah okay I just realized I never posted in this community. But that is due to a lot of baby momma drama with Ducky. Pretty much his exgirlfriend is holding his daughter over his and his families head saying that if they don't do what she wants then she is taking the baby to Tenn. and they are never going to lay eyes on Cheyanne ever again. Which pisses me off but until they come up with like the $500 needed to get a lawyer (who is the same one representing me in my court case) they are pretty much hands tied. What pisses me off more is that he can't set foot out the door without her on his heels and I can't say anything about it because she is blackmailing me with MY court case because I am not legally supposed to have contact with Ducky till Dec. 1st unless my court case gets dropped next month. ARGH! So yeah I am in limbo right now we have to sneak around to see each other and talk to each other. Thank God my mom helps. He can't say anything to her cuz she is blackmailing him with not only his little girl but me. So we are trying to come up with the $500 for him which is slow on my end and everytime he gets a dollar put up she finds it and steals it. But there is no proof. So yeah lots of drama. He called me tonight crying, asking me if I had given up on him and asking me to promise not to leave him and to help him. So yeah lots of drama caused by Kirby (stupid bitch).