Tuesday, February 21, 2006

So I just finished watching the 'Exorcism of Emily Rose'. It was a pretty good movie. Not really what I would consider a good horror movie though. In truth it made me curious. Who was Emily Rose. Well I researched it and in truth Emily Rose never existed. Anneliese Michel however did. The movie is based on her exorcism. She was a young woman in the early 1970's from Germany. To say the least the movie followed pretty well with the real story. Only changing names and adding a few things to make it interesting. But the true story itself was interesting too.

Anywayz enough about that. I have a date to see a psychic tomorrow. It's the guy from the state fair. He is called Psychic Hal. He is the only person besides a person off keen.com who actually predicted something that happened. Not only did he predict one thing but 4 all of which came true. We have been trying for months now to get up with him. But everytime was in vain. Today was the last time we were going to try and we were successful. I am to be there at 2pm.

We are thinking about going to stay with Big Brother also. He is going back to court on Friday to see about the pending divorce. The asking price is now $60,000 and if it happens big brother is selling all but an acre of the farm. He is giving the house and that acre to us.

Still no word on Ducky. I hate this rollar coaster ride! Augh to make things worse I am due to start my period. I certainly hope I do too.

I guess I should go. If I don't go to Greensburg I will tell you tomorrow what the psychic told me.

Oh on a side note I start back to modeling classes finally. I go to the 2nd class on Sat. I already took the first class in Aug. 2005.