Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Psychic Hal

Well the psychic was...interesting. First thing he did when we started was describe Ducky to a T and said that I loved him but sometimes it was best to let go. He asked me if I was pregnant (which is a possibly considering we don't use protection but I don't THINK I am) said that there was a pregnancy surrounding Ducky and I am it possibly wasn't me that could cause some issues. Also said that Ducky wasn't going to do anything about getting away from Kirby until he could get some money. Which Ducky needs to come up with $500 to get a lawyer to go to court to try and get joint custody of Cheyanne. Said that I was smart that he saw me wanting to go into a medical or teaching field. Said that I should combine the two and do Child Psychology with a teaching minor. Which I wanted to minor to be a history teacher, and major to either be a neo natal nurse or a psycholgist. Said that a father figure dark hair with gray was causing problems with money which would fit daddy. Just a bunch of things it was strange.