Saturday, February 18, 2006

I heard from Ducky today! I found out why he hasn't been calling. He still loves me!!! Yay! He has been pretending that he wasn't with me to Kirby because she is threating to take the baby and go to Tenn. he is trying to get the ball rolling behind her back to file to get joint custody because if she moves to Tenn. That would be a different court system. So I don't know. It made me feel a lot better to hear from him. I miss him so much!!! But for now I am just taking the backseat till all this gets straightened up. As long as he doesn't ask for his clothes I know that are relationship is fine. Mom talked to one of his friends wife and she said that he cried to her about it. So it makes me feel a lot better. He made me promise not to leave him and asked me if I had given up on him and I said no. So I guess we will take it one day at a time.