Saturday, February 11, 2006

Here Ducky

Well today was different then the norm. Ducky called this morning at 8:30am asking if we would come and get him. It was snowing like crazy out (keep in mind you have to cross Shoulder Blade Hill and the Highland Turner Hill to get to his house both are going up one side and down the other of a mountain and there are curves that don't see sunlight which mean lots of ice) but mom and I were like okay we'll do it. So he was like let me call you back so 8:44am rolls around he calls and we go get him.

So he was supposed to go home at 3pm but ended up staying till 6pm and is probably getting cussed at right now because of it. But I can't feel guilty (to much). But yeah we discussed moving again and he says that he would like to move to Whinchester which isn't that far for him to travell to see his little girl plus mom likes it so we are going to look into it.

Jung Ho finally got up with us he sent us a package that had a purse I had been on to him about before he left to send to me, some cookies that I liked, a cell phone fish charm, to 5000 korean money, a shoe keychain, and some coffee. So on the package there was his phone number so I finally managed to figure it out and called S. Korea and talked to him. His sister answered the phone and I was like "Jung Ho" and she jibbered in korea and I asked for Jung Ho again and she finally understood. So I talked to him, mom talked to him, and dad talked to him. He can't come back because he is having problems getting another VISA to come over. So I don't know.

Ducky just called I left this big hickey on his neck and apparently Kirby didn't like it to much and was going on about it. He told her that if she didn't like it that she wouldn't like the ones that she couldn't see. He also apoligized for falling asleep on me. I told him it was okay because he was tired and hadn't had a decent sleep in two weeks.

Monica and Dad went out while Ducky was sleeping and wentto see the snow. Monica built her first snowman ever so she had fun. Sydney picked her up and took her to the Catholic church and she is on the desktop computer right now.

Well I guess that is a big enough update for now. TTYL