Sunday, February 5, 2006


It finally snowed!!!! I have been waiting for this for months. It kind of sucks though because we are going down to my brothers to help him and Kelly clean because Debbie finally walked out on him. He is having to give her a car and pay her $25,000 to keep it from her going to court to get stuff which he has over $100,000 worth of cattle on the farm. So wonderful. The house is NASTY there was two inches of mold on some meat in the fridge. The woman never clean there is two feet of clothes in the floor it is just ew. We are going to stay till Wed. which is Michael's birthday and that is when they are finalizing the divorce so we are worried about him doing something. God my family just gets more messed up.

Kirby didn't leave like she was supposed to but the plus side to that is now Ducky's daddy who was all for them is now telling her that she needs to get the house finished and move out. He wants her gone to because she dirty's the house real bad and won't lift a finger to help. So yeah they are hoping she gets the electric on and gets out by Tuesday at the latest. But we all know she doesn't want to leave so she keeps trying to come up with excuses.

Ducky was supposed to come down home with us but he fell asleep so he isn't. I know that when he calls he is going to be so pissed at himself for not getting up but I can't wait. I am so torn between family and Ducky but I might as well go help my brother because he needs me. I won't see ducky really till she is gone so I guess it's best to go down there.

Anywayz here are some pictures of the snow.

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^ The front of my house ^

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^ From the back porch ^

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^ Bushes in front of the house ^

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^ Monica in the snow ^