Sunday, February 12, 2006

Ding Dong The Witch Is Gone


Upper: Oh my fucking God. After three months she has finally moved out. Though the circumstances I wish had of been better for Ducky. But try as I might I can't help but feel totally happy about the fact that she is GONE.

Downer: Ducky called sort of upset and I didn't know why. He said he missed his little girl and I thought he meant me because he calls me his little girl too and I didn't know Kirby was supposed to be leaving today. So he got mad and hung up. He called back and asked to talk to mom and cried to her and I listened over her shoulder and found out what happen. Turns out when he woke up this morning and went into the living room his dad hit him in the back of the head with a broom and was beating him up. Kirby tried to stab him with a knife and then took Cheyanne who was screaming for her daddy and left. He didn't get to say goodbye or anything. So he is still getting beat and his mommy tries to shove it (mind you she just got over a broke back) and his daddy pushes her down. So Ducky finally gets away has no clothes and had to take of running cuz his daddy pulled a gun on him. So he was in the hills for three hours in the snow. They wouldn't let him have food or anything. So we took him the car and he is supposed to come stay with us now.

Middle: He is supposed to come over tonight and go to Greensburg with us tomorrow. I have to be back on Tuesday to meet with my probation officer. Then we will probably start looking for a house in Whinchester to move. Big Brother is wanting moms help. I haven't got used to him actually ASKING her for help. He never has in the almost 17 years I have known him.