Monday, January 16, 2006

So everything is really fucked up right now. Ducky by tomorrow will have 3 warrents out for him...and it's questionable who his heart really belongs to. I mean I have the engagement ring and he doesn't beat the shit out of me. But apparently he is lovin up on Kirby for his baby's sake.

Anywayz as for the warrents one is because he beat the shit of of that bitch of a baby's mama and knocked her out.

The other two is from stealing money from a.)his dad and b.)his cousin.

We can't get him out of this so he is facing 5 years in jail. Funny huh? Ducky done fucked up big time and I don't know where the hell to stand. I know that I will be by his side if he goes to jail probably the only person but yeah. He shouldn't have done the stealing. As for the loving up on Kirby if I could prove it 110% I would leave his ass. But don't know for sure because I do see how he acts around me and I do believe he loves me I just think he is trying to keep his baby too.