Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Okay so everyone knows just how much I don't like Kirby right? Right. Well it has been taken to the highest level now. The bitch called social services on my family. WTF!!!!??? They came to the house and were like we got a call saying that house had a REALLY bad smell in it and was really dirty. Okay if you know my mom you would know she is a clean freak. Really! I was so mad that I actually called to Ducky's house and asked for him and her little attitude flew all over me and so badly wanted to cuss her out but I didn't. So mom called and ask and she informed mom that him and his nephew Joey left with this girl named Ashley. Which was the biggest lie and a big mistake mom cussed her out. lol. So yeah we get up with Goldie who is Joey's wife and tell her what she said and Goldie got pissed and said that she was going to have a nice little talk to her because it was one thing to lie about Joey but it was another to lie about her husband. So yeah that all made me so pissed.

So then Rebecca who is the P.I.E. person over us called about Monica someone emailed her complaing that Monica was scared of Ducky and that I was talking to her about sex. What the hell??? I don't even put my sex life on here let alone talk about it to a girl who barely understands english! I am not scared of Ducky...my God I wouldn't be engaged to him if I was.

So this has been a really shity day. Honestly I wasn't thrilled about moving quick but now I want out of this town before I really do beat the crap out of Kirby which it will happen I will knock some since in her two days before I turn 18 that is a promise.