Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Movies and my GED

I passed my GED test with flying colors. I now am finished with school. I got my diploma in the mail today it was so pretty. I think it is so awesome that I am done with school finally. *smiles*

On the 22nd dad, monica, and I went to the movies. We went and saw Last Holiday. It was a pretty good movie.

Ducky came over yesterday. That was a BIG surprise. I had only talked to him a few times since Wed. and I was starting to wonder if he was finally leaving me. It turned out that his parents won't let him use the phone and Kirby has attached herself like cancer to him. But yeah he came over yesterday and I gave him three early b-day presents. Which were this crazy looking duck pen, a notebook filled with stuff that I wrote to him, and some naughty pictures. lol.

Today is his 26th birthday. His family is having a small part for the kids out there. But like always I can't go. Stupid idiots...thats okay though. You know why? Because he is supposed to come over after that. We ordered him and icecream cake from Dairy Queen. Its a 18" round cake, will yellow around the edge, and a yellow ducky on it. In blue letters it says "Happy Birthday Ducky". We have to go pick it up between 4:30-5:00pm. Also he gets his two real presents from me which is a Jimi Hendrix shirt, and a pair of valentines spongebob boxers. So yeah not much but still something I think he will like.

I am not buying him anything besides a card for V-day. I think I will make him something instead. I already got him a card.

I have no idea what to do for our 1 year ann. I am still thinking about that. I think it would be nice for me to cook him and nice meal or something. Not sure though.

My birthday is after that so yeah he better treat me nice and get me lots of pretties!!!!

Kirby is supposed to be moving out the 3rd. I doubt it will happen but it might. She is supposedly moving in with her mommy. So Ducky will maybe finally get started on the moving scene. I hope.

Well just wanted to let you all know things are going pretty good.