Tuesday, January 3, 2006

Monica = Exchange Student

Okay so we are getting a new exchange student. This one is a girl. YAY! We just got the confirmation call and are waiting to her from the Travel people to find out when she will be arriving. She should be here before or on the 12th because school has already started back. Her info along with a picture is behind the cut.

First: Monica
Program Cycle: Second Semester (Spring)
Nationality: Mexican
City: Hermosillo
Country: Mexico
Sex: Female
Age at time of arrival: 16
Birth Date: 07/27/1989
Height: 5' 6''
Weight: 112 lbs.

Personal Information
Father Occupation: Merchant
Mother Occupation: Merchant
Lives With: Both Parents
Siblings: Jeannette (F27), Rocio (F25)
Smoking: Does not smoke and would prefer a host family that does not smoke.
Pets: Dog
Religion: Catholic and is willing to participate in a religion other than her own.

Academics and Languages
English Level: Student Language rating: 7 out of 10 Student can understand most things. Speech is good, but needs practice.
Native Language: Spanish
Languages Studied: English
Overall Academic Rating: Excellent
Teacher Comments: Monica is an excellent student as well as a good partner with her peers. She adapts easily to any given situation and I highly recommend her.
Hobbies: Monica is very interested in board games as she is very skilled at playing them. She also enjoys reading, dancing, and playing on her computer.
Sports: Monica enjoys playing volleyball and dancing regularly. She would like to join either a volleyball, softball, or basketball team at her U.S. high school once on program.
Instruments: Monica plays the guitar and wants to continue practicing once on program. She wants to learn how to play the piano as well.
Other Interests: Monica would like to possibly pursue anything to do with music once on program. She would also like to try a theatre class and try her skills at acting. She is also very interested in board games as she is very skilled at playing them.
Career Interests: Marketing, Psychology