Friday, January 27, 2006

Ducky's Belated Birthday

So I finally broke down to ducky. He came over and stayed for 6 1/2 hours and it was great. He opened his presents (he left them here so they would be safe), we finally got to eat the ice cream cake, I for the first time ever managed to get him to really really laugh (I found his ticklish spot). It was great you know? But then it came time for him to leave and it was like I went from being happy to depressed in 2.5 seconds.

He asked me not to be sad and I tried really hard for him but then he said something thing and I just ran for the bathroom slid down the wall in there and cried. He came in and begged me not to cry said he didn't want to leave me like that and he almost cried himself. I told him that I was tired of him leaving all the time that I just wanted him to stay with me. He said that Kirby would finally be moving in with her mom on the 3rd and then he would come and stay. But in truth I would get him only two weeks out of the month because he would have Cheyanne the other two and he would have to stay at his parents house.

Earlier this evening he told me he would move and also told me he didn't want to control me. He told me to do the modeling and to get back into pageants and that when I went to college he would go back and major in history (I plan to minor in history). It was really good to hear him say all that. I miss him so much. But he is supposed to come over tomorrow and go to Lexington with me so hopefully it will happen.

There are some pictures from today here. They are the last 10 pictures on the page.

Ducky's Early Birthday Presents (1-19-06)

1. Notebook filled with stuff I wrote him

2. Naughty pictures

3. Crazy looking Ducky pen

Ducky's Belated Birthday Presents (1-27-06)

1. Spongebob boxers

2. fat belly devil with red hot written on it boxers

3. to hot to handle boxers

4. Jimi Hendrix t-shirt

5. sweet card

6. ice cream cake

7. Love CD mix

Ducky's actual birthday was on the 20th.