Wednesday, December 28, 2005

This is all very fucked up. I have no idea who tells me the truth and who doesn't. I know that Ducky either bought or helped buy a ring for Kirby. It's like pearl with rinestones. Not what I have but a ring none the less. So what the hell is up with that. I can't take this shit with him say all the time that he had to do it to get rid of her or because she would take the baby. He knows full well that if he wants to see his baby all it has to do is go to court and then he will get either joint custody or every weekend visitation. So that is stupid. I am starting to wonder if maybe he actually wants her there. I mean it all doesn't make no sense. He is like the king player right now and Kirby and I are his pawns. He moves us around the board and neither of us have no sense to see the truth. Or maybe thats just me. I don't know. I mean I have heard him tell her to leave. But then his family said that when she wants to leave he wants her to stay. I hate this I know that much. If I could talk to him right now I would tell him that he knows he can put her out because of the EPO and that he either sits her out or leaves himself by Sunday night 11:59pm or its over between us. Because this isn't fair to me. He said himself this wasn't fair to me. How can he sit there say he loves me, ask me to marry him, and go right back out there to her???