Friday, December 30, 2005

Psychic Reading

Resmyrranda: Neatha

Neatha: Hey chickpea, How you doin?

Resmyrranda: hiya, doing fine thank :) you?

Neatha: Alright I guess, lot's of

Resmyrranda: well ok its a :)

Neatha: Can you tell me what you see for me and Jamie?

Resmyrranda: sure :)

Resmyrranda: ok this is pretty cool here...he'll come to the point where you already intuitively know he wants to be which is balanced, more open, more trusting. He's had some trouble believing in himself and as a result, that this relationship is a GOOD thing that isn't going away unless he wants it to.

Neatha: trust has been an issue with us for the last couple of months

Resmyrranda: yeah...and its interesting that I see its on his end, not on yours, and not because you're doing anything sneaky either. hehe. He needs to start thinking in terms of what he can do and have, no what he can't :) basically.

Neatha: His family moved his exgirlfriend // baby's mama in with him and are trying to get him back with her.

Resmyrranda: no wonder he's so scared of everybody. he does NOT wanna do that.

Neatha: yeah that's what I said! He told her to leave multiple times but she won't....and he is scared that he is going to lose his baby.

Resmyrranda: awww! well, not that it helps him much, me telling you, but that's not going to happen, they are not legally married I see...

Neatha: nope

Resmyrranda: This may sound off right now but what I see is you and him living together happening sometime in march. he needs not to be there and she is too afraid and to without resourses to go anywhere else.

Neatha: oh my gosh no it doesn't sound family is wanting to move because of his ex saying she was going to kill me

Resmyrranda: and I really HATE it that she's using his family like that.....oh my goodness

Neatha: do you see where we will be living like a direction or a state. Not here hopefully.

Resmyrranda: no I don't feel its there, I am being given the word 'safe' and...what state are you in right now?

Neatha: KY

Resmyrranda: I keep seeing Florida, also the word Virginia so I feel like there may be more then one choice here. you don't wanna go further east than that trust me. lol. northeast that is:)

Neatha: you see staying anywhere in KY my mother keeps bugging me to ask that question

Resmyrranda: lol she knows what I'm talkin about! Here's the thing, no I don't see you staying there and if you leave KY, you will be back, but it won't be for a few years and that's ok too cuz you and him need to be away from his ex, you need at least one border between ya. That eveil woman and I am dead serious about that

Neatha: will be a good change to be away from here....he asked me to marry him on the 27th of this you think we should wait a while before we do it

Resmyrranda: No I think you should do it:) There's a lot of things legally she can't do to him or to you if you're married, and besides, I just really think you need each other :) go on and do it hehe

Neatha: lol! I do too! However there is a mess with the court system that I am not supposed to be around him till Dec. of next year and that's against both of our wishes....we want to go to Vegas and get married so they won't find out.

Resmyrranda: do it!! I got married in Vegas its not always a stupid idea. LOL

Neatha: lol!! I was thinking next month....or something any ideas?

Resmyrranda: yeah, actually how about Valentine's day? ;) long maybe

Neatha: aww I like you see any trouble coming our way? My mother is WAY WAY WAY paranoid about me getting sent off. she says that I am her baby no matter what and she doesn't want to see me locked up

Resmyrranda: I hear ya....I really do. I don't mean this to sound as alarming as it does but the thing is, it would HELP you more than hurt you to get hitched in another state and just stay put if you can until next year. She's just being a momma :) She knows how strong you really are and no you will not get locked up. If he can keep his mouth shut and keeps Miz Evil from finding out till after the fact.

Neatha: lol I know, she loves me! One last you see kids any time soon. It's something important to me and Jamie both

Resmyrranda: yeah I do, forgive me for noticing but you can get pregnant pretty much just by him lookin at ya crosseyed...heh

Neatha: we have been trying but ain't suceeded yet....I was starting to think I couldn't

Resmyrranda: I really think its all that stress..truly. You're just surrounded by it nite and day, both of ya. ya'll need to go ahead run off and get married and be HAPPY to hell with everything ELSE.

Neatha: That is the truth! I can't even call him without being called a nigger by his ex...or his family threating to call the police and tell them that I am contacting him.

Resmyrranda: oh very nice...yeah the more I think about it the more I think you need to be outta there, both of ya. That's just crazy

Neatha: they WON'T let him talk to me....I go to talk to him 2 minutes you see me seeing him in person within this week?

Resmyrranda: this week...Tuesday...yeah. god what do they do lock him in the basement?! godd lol. I KNOW you two will work this out, you are strong enough.

Neatha: basically....they won't let him get calls, won't tell anyone he is home...won't let him see anyone....I have been so depressed about everything

Resmyrranda: its just going to take a little time and lots of organization hon. bless your heart....get the heck outta there and tell him to meet you someplace and hit the road for Vegas! LOL ;)

* Resmyrranda gives Neatha her gas card

Resmyrranda: LOL good lord!

Neatha: the next thing is will he leave? I have been trying to but it's like he's so scared. I guess that's what happens when your father shoots and you and beats you up.

Resmyrranda: yeah he will, he will understand in a very short time that he's got no choice for now, his only other choice is to keep living like a prisoner. well..danyggggg HELLOOOOOO get him in here! lol

Neatha: lol....I will do my best....I just hope he will listen to me for once instead of me listening to him.

Resmyrranda: These people sound like something out of a Rob Zombie flick. lol

Neatha: lol!! He loves those movies.

Resmyrranda: Don't give up, it'll be ok :) lol great.

Neatha: lol thank you so much!! Your awesome

Resmyrranda: You're very welcome sweetie, keep me posted! :) was fun

Neatha: I will ((hugs))

Resmyrranda: (((((((Neatha rocks xoxoxoxo))))) Happy New Year!!!

Neatha: happy new year!!

Resmyrranda: THANK you