Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Okay so yesterday started out bad. But then it turned to night and everything got better. I got Ducky out of that house. Sad thing is he had to pay $120 just to be able to get rid of her for a few hours so he could come.

So anywayz he came to the house and opened the presents I got him. Which were:

Ducky's Presents
1. Yellow duck puppet that quacks when you close it's beak.
2. Rubber mommy ducky with two baby ducky's
3. An italian sterling silver braclet
4. A angel calendar
5. two bottles of Adias Moves
6. Friday Soundtrack
7. Snow man ornament with his name
8. Ducky blanket that says "To: Ducky, Fr: Neatha"

Dad also got his a rasor and mom had bought him a cordless phone earlier and gave it to him.

It was all real cool so then I finally go to open my presents from him. He says he still has one at home though that he couldn't bring. Plus a card with a hundred dollars in it so I can get my nails done and my belly button pierced.

My presents from Ducky
1. MP3 player
2. Sims2 University
4. Engagement ring

Yes Ducky and I was planning on getting married but we sort of skipped the hole engagement thing. I mean I said before I ever started dating him that I was going to marry him someday and now it's 100% official. I need to get it resized though. He wanted to purpose to me on Christmas Day but it go screwed up however the 27th isn't that bad. I am happy about it.

The other presents I got thus far because I haven't gotten to go home are...

Presents from the rents
1. Dell Laptop Computer
2. Digital Camera (expect pictures soon)
3. furry socks
4. key chain

and then mom and I got some things after Christmas.

Presents I bought for me!
1. Apple Bath set
2. Watermelon bath set
3. 4 kinds of taste good lip balm (Strawberry twisler, Diary Queen hot fudge sunday, Sweet Tart berry punch, hershey chocolate)
4. Vanilla bath set
5. Adias moves for her

So yeah it's been good. Tomorrow or the next day we will go down home and I will get something like crystal probably from my aunt, $5 from my brother, a card or bath stuff from kelly, and a shirt from Travis and Martha.

Anywayz I thought I would update and let you know things shaped up last night and as of 12-27-05 I am officially engaged.