Friday, December 30, 2005

Okay so Ducky called this afternoon only talked to me for like two minutes. Said that he was up till 9 this morning, that his mom might have had a stroke about 4 this morning and that he told Kirby to pack her bags and get out.

I talked to several pyshics and they all told me that he was loyal. They said that everything would clear up about May. One told me that Kirby wouldn't be leaving in the next month or so. The other said that we needed to wait for the wedding or I would end up with a baby with no money support. Also they said that he wouldn't leave me or anything unless I became possesive and started acting like I wasn't myself.

Also, one from named Guide Matthew told me that he felt a lot of worry around Jamie and he just felt bad when he thought about him. That the worry was caused by his family. That he felt worry around a female from his family (being cheyanne his just connected) said that Jamie was a good guy for me. Told me three tips that would make the our relationship better. They are:
1. Give him a compliment within 1 minute of talking to him. Be percise about it.
2. Do not critize him between no and May 1st. Write down all the problems you have with in in a spiral notebook and it will save on a lot of fights.
3. Sit down and talk to Jamie and get a ritual. Have him write down 5 activies he likes to do, and me write down 5 activies. Then have him circle one of mine and me circle one of his. Then say "Jamie what do you say we alternate for 8 weeks." So every other week we do each others ideas.

I am waiting to talk to another one right now. They seem pretty acurate about what they tell me. However Guide Matthew has been the most accurate about Jamie's situation. Soooo since I couldn't get ahold of Pyshic Hal these work. Also we are waiting for two other psyhics to call back so we can go meet with them in person. I will update in a couple hours and let you know what this psychic tells me.