Sunday, December 25, 2005

Fuck Christmas

My God I am so stupid! How could I have thought that he would actually come?? Yeah he isn't coming of course he isn't coming he is so scared of his damn family that he would screw up everything we have just to keep that fucking bunch happy. I love him so much and I can't understand why he would say the things he said unless he meant them. I mean his sister even backs him up when the rest of his family says otherwise. I am so lost at what to do. I am still not allowed to open my Christmas presents. I wish they would realize like I have that he is not coming. I mean it's 10:14pm and I talked to him like four hours ago. He was saying he was coming over. Ha! What a big fucking joke. I hate his damn family I mean I like Mackie and Ant but the rest can all burn for all I care. I would love to kill Kirby myself. Fucking bitch. Sometimes I wish this was a public journal just so she would know what I thought of her. I think she is a fucked up bitch that needs to die. I am not the pyscho one it's her. GRRRRRR!!! I hate this shit. I hate all holidays, I hate this town, and I hate all the hypocrites in it.