Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Count My Blessings

I had to get up at 6am to take Jung Ho to the Airport. He went back to Korea and should be arriving there at 3am our time. It's already strange him not being here. He has been part of the family for 11 months and 2 days. We are all hoping that he will get to come back to America in a couple months and finish his schooling here.

I realized today that it would be wise to count my blessing for each day I am alive, and never trust anyones driving but your own. This truck (think of a U-Hall thing) got over in the right lane (there was four lanes of trafect...interstate thing) and mom was going to pass it when it started to drift back over into our lane. Mom over corrected causing us to start to fishtail across all the lanes of traffict (God help us we didn't get hit), almost hitting this concrete divider seperating the other side of traffict from us. Then she threw on the brakes causing us to spin, as we started to slow down the 18-wheeler was coming on my side (God only knows how it missed us) and then we ended up pointing in the wrong direction in the emergency strip. We didn't put a single dint on the car and praise the Lord mom and I wasn't hurt. God really has a reason for us to have lived threw that without a scrach cuz any other time the 18-wheeler and probably a bunch of cars would have hit us. I took the car away from mom after that. My first time driving and merging on a interstate but I didn't trust her after that.

Ducky still hasn't managed to get rid of that bitch. He is getting his settlement money tomorrow. I am putting it under my name in the bank for him so child support won't take it away for back support. He will hopefully pay her a small sum to get rid of her. I got to see him for a day which was a miracle I hadn't really seen him in a week. But yeah I was so happy to see him but so sad when he had to go back home.

To all those pot smokers I have a friend who is big time seller he he gave me a dime bag for free which is cool cuz he doesn't even do that for Ducky. Anywayz don't think it is for me cuz it ain't it is for Anthony (Ducky's nephew) it's his Christmas present. I almost got him and Ducky a pack of Zig-Zags a piece. I wanted to get Golden Wraps and some flavored papers for Ducky cuz they don't sell them anywhere around here so if anyone would be willing to buy me and pack and send them here I would be really grateful.