Sunday, December 25, 2005

Christmas Blues

Okay so far I have only talked to Ducky on the phone his parents kicked him out because he said he didn't want to be around that bitch of an ex that is living out there. So they said he was to be out by Tuesday and that they were getting an EPO againest him so he couldn't get near his parents. We are still planning on getting married only things are going to be cheaper and we are driving. Mom, him, me and possibly Anthony. So I dunno. Come Tuesday he will most likely be living with us. I can't wait to tell you the truth. He called a lawyer to see about getting joint custody of his little girl. The lawyer said the worst he would get is every weekend so that should be good.

Apparently Ducky and his family fought a lot yesterday. Anthony came by and dropped off a Christmas present for him. He told me that they were fighting. Also when I told him I missed him he said that Ducky missed me too, that all he did was talk about me all the time. Also he looked at me and was like "What about that, I have an aunt younger then me." That made me feel good. *smiles*

Yesterday was the first time in 16 years that I haven't spent Christmas eve down home with my brother. It was strange but what hurt more was the fact that I didn't have my granny this year. I know she is in a better place though.

Mom actually bought two fifths of Smirnoff Twisted Watermelon for Ducky and me. I didn't even ask for it!! Carol bought a fifth of Bailey's Irish Cream. It smelled disgusting. I promised Ducky I wouldn't drink without him and I am not going to either. I feel safer when I am with him. So yeah.

Carol, Clorus, and Robert are here. I am not sure when they are supposed to be going back yet. Carol is letting her deadbeat exhusband keep Robert tonight. That is so fucking stupid. They say he is dieing of liver diease I think. If he hadn't drank so much and spent some of that time seeing his son then it wouldn't be so bad. But when Carol starts pushing for the thousands owed in backsupport. It's oh I am dieing I want to see my son. That's just weird.

I managed to talk my dad into giving me one Christmas present last night because I am not allowed to open my others till Ducky gets here. Turns out I had been using it all day. He got me a Dell Laptop computer!!!! Oh my gosh it's awesome. It's what I am on right now. So I am real happy. I think Ducky maybe got me a ring? I hope so.

Anywayz I thought I would update. I will let you all know what's up later on tonight.