Friday, December 30, 2005

*cheeky smile*

So Ducky called last night about 12:30am. Yeah I told him what his dad said and he was like "I am so sorry." and then I told him my sisters husband Kurt called and about her getting ready to have the baby and then Kirby apparently came in because she kept asking him who he was talking to one of the main things she said was "Who the hell are you's that damned nigger ain't it." So yeah I told him that he needed to pick and he was like "I already have" and I was like "You pick me?" and he was like "Yeah" and then she unplugged the phone on him. So I figure they prolli argued last night. He said he wrote me a good letter but I prolli won't get it. He tends to keep the letters he writes to me. So I dunno. So I think I ain't letting go as easy as I thought I was.