Thursday, November 24, 2005


Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Ducky went to his mediation yesterday from the settlement money. They wanted to settle for $12,500 but his lawyer wasn't hearing it. He said $25,000 and then when they wouldn't give it he yanked Ducky out and made him leave. So hopefully within the next week or so Ducky will get his money. He is already got the hook up for a 1998 trailor with an extra room for $5,500 so yeah.

I got a letter from my lawyer yesterday saying that my counseling records couldn't be used againest me and that all records from court that had them in it had to be destroyed. That made my day! So I go back to court a final time on Dec. 1st and they decide my sentence which will most likely just be two years of probation. I can live with that.

I ordered Ducky's Christmas presents. He will recieve a grand total of 7 presents ruffly totaling $140. Then Cheyanne is getting three things from me, and hopefully if Ducky gets his money he is going to buy the present I want to get mom (a persian kitten). So yeah all in all Christmas presents are going to be good.

I take a lie dectector test on Wed. to finally clear up all of Ducky's problems with me. I know that I will pass and that everything will be okay again with us. So yeah.

Well I am going to get off here I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving. I will start sending out cards like tomorrow or something.