Thursday, November 3, 2005

Do You Know Me?

So you want to know me? You want to know the side of me that I hide oh so carefully from you. The side of me that is scared, the side of me that is so hurt that it’s questionable if she will ever be okay again.
I will tell you about her then. She is 16 years old, alone and scared. She doesn’t have anyone that she can turn to because when she thinks she can trust someone they hurt her. People don’t even see her because she is so invisible. She is timid and shy and won’t speak out for herself. She let’s people walk all over her and never says a bad word about it because Lord knows that that would draw way to much unwanted attention to her. She just wants to be loved and treated right yet all she gets is knocked down. She can never be good enough. She can never do anything right.

How bout her other half? You see there is three sides to me. Let me tell you bout this girl. She is self-confident, selfish. She doesn’t let anything show. She is bitter and cruel and gets what she wants no matter what. She is bitchy, bratty, and always negative. She don’t care what she has to do as long as she succeeds in it. She has a cool and calm exterior no emotions ever cross her face. But inside she is so hurt but she knows that showing it would be a weakness others could use against her.

How about that now? You still think you know me? Nope? Didn’t think so. No you see like I said there are three parts to every story. It’s time to hear the last part. This girl is kind and sweet. She is a good listener and will always be there when you need her. However she doesn’t trust easy and can sometimes come across and a tad bit of a bitch. She is self-confident, responsible, and caring. She has a weird since of humor that is off the wall and somewhat perverted. She tries hard to be as honest as possible in any situation. She is open-minded and just loves to live life one step at a time.

Now the question is what side do you know of me? The Cold Hard Bitch, the Timid and Shy Girl Next Door, or the Happy Medium All Smiles Girl. See there is three sides to this story. But in the end all three sides are me.