Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Blah, there isn't much going on here. Carol her hubby and her son are all here. They have been here since Sat. and hopefully will be going home tomorrow. I can't take much more of them to tell you the truth. Robert (her son) is 11 and he is so damn annoying. I pride myself on my patience with people. But for a kid to be 11 and act like he is 5 when he knows better. Well let's just say I have snapped several times. Which I don't normally do to kids. Ek!

I finally handled the mice. There is 4 that will be taken to the pet store when they get old enough. My mom is wanting to get rid of Midnight. I guess in a way I can see why because he is the only male that I have but still. I have had him for almost 7 months.

Ducky stayed up all night and was on it a good amount of the time with me. At first he was mad at me then he called back telling me to take the stuff off of the internet of him and his baby, and then he tells me he loves me. So we are good. I think. He keeps telling me though that there is still lies I am telling him. I wish I knew what he was talking about because if I have lied to him then I need to tell him the truth. I mean I have told him the truth about everything that I prevously lied to him about, so why keep lieing? There is no reason. So I wish to God he would tell me what I lied to him about and not told him the truth about. There are still things that I am telling him the truth about that he doesn't believe me about so that might be it. I am not sure. Grrrr.

I get my money next Wed. to go Christmas shopping. I need to start making a list of who I need to get for. I think I will do that in a new post. That way I can keep track of it you know? I need to stop telling Ducky what I want to get him or he won't be surprised. I told him one thing but I am not sure now that I told him if I will get it for him or not. I know he would like it but still.

Anywayz I thought I would update it's been awhile.