Thursday, October 6, 2005


Ducky finally got aggrivated enough to say that we needed some time apart but because he loves me so much he called me back and said that he loved me and that mother dearest was not going to come between us.

*sighs* I hope and pray that court will be over within the next couple of weeks I really do. Then when it's all over I can start rebuilding my life bit for bit.

I hate mom for doing all this to me. I feel like a caged bird in my own house. I hate her constantly bugging me, constantly lecturing me on the same things, constantly being on my back saying I am throwing my life away. Constantly being a bitch and never listening to a word I ever say. Constantly telling me I don't have enough brains to do anything. I hate her.

On a side note I pray that I got lucky this time and managed to get pregnant. If I did I would be gone....far gone. Ducky and I could get married and start our life, no one could find us, and then everything would be okay again.

I guess I will be updating a lot more because I know that this