Thursday, September 22, 2005

So Ducky and I are doing good. He went with me yesterday to take Amy, Camron, and Curt home. He liked it up there and we are possibly moving there too. He also went with me to my real mom's house. She had Conner (Shane's baby) he was really cute. Anywayz she showed me some pictures of David, Shane, and Amy when they were little. She pissed Amy off and Amy left us there. We finally left from there and went over to Curt's parents house. Curt, Ducky, and Curt's dad smoked a couple joints and had a good ole time. Then we went back to Amy's and finally left and came back here. Then today we got woke up at 7:00am and took Ducky to his appointment in Paintsville for his back. He has to go to Florence on Wed. of next week too. Hopefully everything will line out and he will get a nice fat check for this lawsuit. So we finally got back to the house and not even two minutes after we get home in walks Sarah and he gets mad and leaves. So yeah then about 10 minutes after he leaves the police show up asking to talk to me (which they couldn't cuz I was in the bath tub) so dad talks to them and the were doing a check because someone from Human Resourses called and said I had bruises, and they were also asking to talk to Ducky. Ducky has a warrent out on him so we are prolli leaving tonight or tomorrow because of all this drama with the cops. Who know's what is up. I sure don't. Anywayz I am filling out an Application for Ducky right now so hopefully he will get a job, we will get a place to live and then mom can get her jobs and then I can do what ever. I am not sure what that will be just yet.