Tuesday, September 13, 2005

New puppy, and new hair!

Yesterday was alright for the most part. Ducky and I fought some but at then end of the day all was well as it can be. Mom and I went to Greensburg so she could get her hair done, and then we went to Russell Springs so I could try on dresses and get my new puppy! So mom ended up buying the dress but she turned around and sold it today. I also ended up with a puppy which has yet to be named. It's a full stock AKC registered (will be completely when I name it) male boxer. It is white with brown ears so it's not a standard and can't be shown at dog shows or anything like that. But he is really cute. I love him to death. Ducky will be the co-owner and also is having a part in the naming of this 8 week old boy. So Yeah I will give you more info as the time comes.

Anywayz I am going to run. Just wanted to update since I don't do it as regularly as I normally did. I think I am going to work on a new layout.