Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Happy B-Day Jung Ho!!

Everything is going awesome around here in the Ducky and I sense of things. I mean he is working really really hard on his temper and we are just getting a lot closer then we have ever been. On the sense of mom and I well we just aren't doing to hot. But that is okay because I don't really care as of right now. Dad and I don't talk so there is no sense to it.

Jung Ho is doing great today was his 16th birthday we got him a cake. Friday Ducky and him are supposed to get drunk together. If I drink I will only drink till I get a buzz....I never ever ever want to get fucked up again. But I do trust Ducky enough that I know if I ever do he will keep me safe and away from harm. So I unno.....I guess we will see what happens.

Ducky is working hard on getting the settlement money. He is two appointments away from the mediation and then he should be getting hopefully about $30,000 that is if we are lucky....he might even be getting more then that no one but the lawyer knows a more accurate estimation and he ain't talking to either one of us. So I guess we will see. Ducky has already said that when he got his money I got to get stuff that I wanted...and he was also going to take his little girl and set her lose in Toy's R Us with like a $1,000 limit. So lots of fun to the ladies in his life!!!!! But don't think I want him for his money because I don't. I would be just as happy with him if I never got anything from him but his love.