Friday, September 23, 2005

*bangs head into wall* I hate nosey people. I hate this fucking town. I hate everything in it.

Yes Ducky has the car big fucking deal. Yes I have bruises on me however Ducky didn't put them on there. My mom did.....I had a black eye on one side, and big red spot in the other eye, big bruise on one arm, fingernail scarches and a bruise on the other arm, a small bald spot on the back of my head from where she pulled my hair. But Ducky did not leave a single bruise on me. So why the hell social services sent the police here I don't know. Mom is allowed contact to Ducky too so he can come here all he wants as long as I don't see or talk to him. So yeah they can't really say anything about it.

Yes I was very bitchy last night and yes my mother and I fought last night. But you know what? I do believe that I should be with Ducky right now no matter what because his dad is in surgery been there since 6am. If the people here a Jackson hospital do one wrong thing he could die because of a blood clot and I know that I would want Ducky to be with me if something like that was going on with my family so why the hell shouldn't I be with him?

God I will be so happy when all this court shit was settled.