Wednesday, August 24, 2005

It looks like I am going back to the detention center because of the stuff I told the counselor. Funny huh shit ain't confidental no matter what people say. Anywayz they can try and use it if I can I will bring in Joey, and Joe and maybe Lillian and have them testify for me. I certainly hope they will. I will say that my thing was a whole big role play story. That I am going to be a writer part time when I get older and this is my great story. That only a couple things I told her are real. We will see this is all very bad. Now we are out $1300 because of me getting accepted and signing with Cosmo Models. So I have to go to Louisville three Sundays in a roll and my court date is set for Sept. 8th. I am honestly scared to death of what's going to happen. I could be facing up to 3 months in the detention center, and that is scary.