Friday, August 19, 2005

Hey! Wow yesterday was so tiring. Everyone looks at you because I had to wear my crown and banner for Miss Teen Kentucky County Fair. The opening ceremony wasn't that bad I got to talk with the Govenor and Miss Kentucky, and then Little Miss and Mr. Kentucky County fair wasn't that bad either. Adair county won. Ducky ended up not coming but he is making that up to me hopefully on Sunday because I have to go up for an interview with Cosmo Modeling and Talent Agency. So cheers for me. Ducky is supposed to buy me this way cute water snake. So I hope he comes. I have some pics from yesterday that I will post when I chase Jung Ho down to get them off his digital. Madison county fair is tomorrow and Britney and her mom is staying here so mom can work with her for the pageant. So I guess I will run. I just got home there is lots to do.