Thursday, July 28, 2005

Cincinnati Zoo

I have been really lazy and not updated in a long time. There isn't much happening. Well sorta. Yesterday I took my first trip ever to the zoo. We went to the Cincinnati Zoo. It was mom, ducky's mom, cheyanne, ducky, and me in my car, the glenn, ann, jacqueline, ricky jo, crystal + her husband and son in the van, and joey, freda, chad, hannah, and courtney in the truck. We got spilt up so we weren't together at the zoo. I think the coolest things I got to see was the manatee's, the giraff, and the snow lepored. They were awesome. I had a good time, I never thought I would spend time with Ducky's mom. But I guess it paid off cuz she seems to like me now. So it is all good. I wish I could post pictures but I do not have a digital camara anymore. So yeah it sucks.

Well I guess that is it. TTYL.