Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Working Girl

Well I am not a working girl. I am working at Influent telemarketing, so I might be calling your house. As far as I know I will be dialing AIMS. The benefits seem to be good. We get paid vacation time after 6 months, medical and dental insurance if we switch over to work full-time, 401K retirement plan, and paid holidays (Christmas, New Year's Day, Thanksgiving Day, and 4th of July). Also we get $3 for every sell we make, and on top of $5.15. Which we get until we get taken off training. Once we are off training we will be making $7.00 an hour. However to get off training we have to make 14 sells if we are indeed dialing AIMS. After that you are off training and are still dialing AIMS you have to make a sell an hour. So yeah. Lots of fun.

I also got called in to work at McDonald's but this is better really. Jamie went with us and got rehired plus $800 because he referred mom, kendra, and me which was $200 a piece, then another $200 sign-on bonus. So he racked up. He is going on the floor tonight because he has worked there before. He is dialing Allstate. Mom is also working there, and daddy will start next Monday. As far as we know we will all be dialing AIMS. But yeah we all got a $200 sign-on bonus cuz we are working Night shift. Which is 5-11. So it's all good.

I watched The Phantom of the Opera. I love that movie!!