Saturday, June 11, 2005


Damn it, I guess lets start at the beginning. I found out last night that my granny was in the hospital in Green Co. she is now in Taylor Co.. She has blood poisoning, sugar level of close to 500, urinary track infection, and pneumonia. Then I went to the hospital here to see Jamie's dad and found out that Jamie's lil'girl was in the ER so I went back and saw him and they ended up admitting her in. So I left cuz Kirby (ex/baby's mama) was coming and after she left I went back and stayed with him all night there. I stayed up till about 5:30am and then went to bed and two hours later mom comes back to get me and wakes me up. So we stay till just now...when Kirby comes busting in. She looks at me and I was eating chinese and she is like "I guess my baby didn't get to eat her food." which was wrong cuz I just bought my food this morning. Then she was like "Get out of my baby's room." Of course Jamie can't say anything because she has him in a bind with keeping Cheyanne away from him cuz she has full custody. So we left but right before mom is like "I hope she gets to feeling better Kirby" and her reply was "She will be as long as she stays away from you." So it's all just peachy. We are down home (green/taylor co.) and go see about granny. Big Brother seemed to think she wouldn't make it through the weekend so I don't know. We will be down at the Taylor Co. Hospital tonight and prolli a lil' bit tomorrow. Cheyanne's birthday is Sunday, but they are having a party for her tomorrow cuz she gets discharged tonight around 5. But of course I can't go to her party because of her stupid ass bitch of a mother. Who I might add Cheyanne wanted nothing to do with until Jamie wouldn't stop the nurses from putting the IV back in. But she wouldn't have anything to do with her. Oh and to top it all off, we realized last night that Cheyanne has caught head lice. Which I am getting ready to mayonnaise my hair for, cuz that kills them and conditions your hair. But I am praying to God that Kirby catches them cuz Kirby has this ass long hair. So yeah.