Sunday, June 19, 2005

Everything went as smooth as to be expected. Visitation was boring I tried to stay as far away as possible. Then the Funeral was depressing. I had to sing twice "Go Rest High on That Mountain" and "Gathering Flowers For The Masters Bouquet." I got through them alright. Ducky was a pallbearer. Even though he didn't want to, to begin with because all the others had suits on. But yeah we got through it.

Michael and Kelly both like Ducky which was a surprise because none of us really expected Michael to like him. But it everything is good. Alexis (Kelly's baby) really likes Ducky. He looks so good with a baby and he is a great father.

Yesterday we went to Abraham Lincoln's Birthplace, and to Mammoth Cave. At Mammoth cave we walked 2 miles, then another 1.5 miles. It was crazy and that wasn't even in a cave. We are going to go back later when we have money to take a tour. So yeah.

Ducky went home last night, he took the rental car but will be coming back today. He just hadn't spent one Father's Day away from home. Plus his mom was home alone last night because his dad was out drinking so he just went to stay with her. He would have won the youngest father award had he been at church though.

All in all I am so glad I had Ducky with me for the Visitation and Funeral. His support was greatly needed. I am also glad I had him to go to all those places we went yesterday.