Tuesday, May 3, 2005

There is not much going on here here, Ducky just went home tonight. He said he might be back later tonight, but he will be back for sure tomorrow morning. So how is everything going? Everything is alright here for now. I am freezing to death.....yeah.

Jamie went to Greensburg with us Sun. day night and went dress shopping with us Mon. afternoon in Glasgow, KY. It was really cool. There are some pics behind the cut.


This is my niece Alexis she is Kelly's baby. Isn't she a cutie? She is almost 3 months.

This is taken at Campbellsville....still the Green Co. river though....I think.

This is at the park near the river there was like 6 deers they weren't even scared of the car.

Another picture of the lake.

Ducky as we were leaving Jackson. He was in the back seat. See the hickies on his neck?