Tuesday, April 5, 2005

We went out to Ducky's house yesterday. Yeah his ex, her sister, and two guys were there. We were going to stop but she comes storming up to moms door pulls it open and is screaming at her. Mom pulls off goes down and turns around. Kirby's sister is standing in the road as we pass and is like "BIIIITCH!" So like we are on empty on gas so we go to Dexter's and like they follow us and she goes for moms door again but I had told mom to lock it. So she hits her window a couple times and is like "Your in trouble now you cock-eyed bitch." So yeah I was thinking Ducky was back with her or something. That really upset me, but it turns out they were fighting pretty bad too. Sooo yeah. I am happy with Ducky.

On a up note I got my permit. I missed three questions. I think had I missed one more I wouldn't have passed.