Saturday, April 2, 2005

My Birth-Not-Really-Day

God this has been a good yet sucky day. We had my b-day party today. I woke up to my family calling sayin they would be there in like 45 minutes. I washed my hair and my mom bitched me out over it. So they get here and its good for like 1 hour and Shane, Watz, and Rachel leave to go get their shit. So its all cool cuz Ant is still here, brooks is here, mom and Amy went to get my cakes. So yeah I also had Cameron. So its all good. So yeah its good they get back. Shane is fucking drunk....but they laid down over a hundred on me a iguana and a tank and stuff for it. Not exactly what I expected or wanted for my birthday but its still a cool present you know? I named him Scarface cuz everyone loves that movie and stuff. So yeah its all good but mom makes me leave with her and so she gets pissy and shit with me over them and yeah. So like she finally brings me home and like Jamie, Shane, Watz, Anthony V., and me go out. We were only supposed to go to Wendy's but we ended up being out for like 3 hours. So yeah I get home and my mom hits the roof, and starts screaming at me and she grabs my arms and I of course push her off and she scraches my arm so yeah me and her and into it still. I am still pissed at her. Shane is passed out, he is not only high but drunk. So its great. Not really. Jen and Brooks are into it...I think they broke up. It all really sucks. I hate it all I want to do is get out with Jamie and ignore mom. It fucking stupid. All on my Birth-Not-Really-Day. So yeah. I unno.