Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Everything is pretty much back to normal here. Mom is out and I am so glad to have her home. She pretty much lined daddy out yesterday....so I don't know what is going to happen. I can only hope and pray for the best.

Ducky had to leave to help his brother with his house. So he will be back hopefully by 12. Tomorrow is newspaper day so he will be back sometime tonight cuz he has the car. Thurs. we are going most likely down home to see granny. Then Sat. we have to go to a pageant mom and Ducky is judging.

There is nobody competing for the Miss Knott Co. so the lady over the pageant just gave me the title. So I will be going to Miss County Fair of Kentucky in January. Which is great because I don't have to compete in bathing suit till then. So we have to see about getting me a dress and bathing suit now for the pageant. The dress I will prolli get is $1300 which is expensive but the dress is like it was made for me. So yeah it's great. I also have to sing at the pageant which in a way it sucks because I am sick. So yeah.

On another note this year will be busy I guess. I have to go to all these fair pageants for apperances because mommy is judging, then I have the County Fair that I have to go to, and then Little Miss and Mr, Preteen Miss, and Teen Miss County Fair I have to go to. Then on top of all that I have to go to Miss County Fair to compete. Sooo all the way till Jan of next year I am busy. That's crazy.