Friday, April 29, 2005

Blah everything is great I traded my iguana in for a mini lop rabbit. He is prolli bout 10 weeks old and is long haired sorta a grayish brown. I named him Drake. He is actually sweet he is a lot sweeter then a cat for sure. He is like a lap rabbit. I will have to take a picture of him later and post it on here.

Ducky went home, he has to judge a pageant tomorrow so we will pick him up at like 10ish in the morning. Him, mom and prolli Jennifer Lacey is judging actually. It prolli won't be the best pageant but the prizes should be nice hopefully. God I really love Ducky I really do. I mean it's crazy I can see myself with him for a long time...he says he feels the same. So I am really happy. We have been together now for a month and a half so it is great.

Everything is fairly okay around the house. Mom and dad pretty much get along as to be expected so I guess the storm is over for right now.