Thursday, April 21, 2005

Alright I can't believe everything came done to this. I am not even sure where to begin with this day. All I know is I wish I could wake up and this all be a very bad dream., dad and I fought today. It went further. Mom was telling daddy and me to hit her so she could press charges againest us. She said that daddy didn't want me and that he was unfit to be a father. I told daddy that me and him needed to leave for a couple hours and she said he was not taking me and that she would call the police and say that he kidnapped me. Daddy called the police and they came to the house and told her that she couldn't stop him from taking me. So we left dad got a thing that sent her to the Psych ward in Hazard. So yeah she left the house and at the time we didn't know where she was. The police were looking for her, we were looking for her. She was calling people saying that this was her last goodbye and that she was going to kill herself. So we finally found out that she had locked herself into the Christian Church and so we alerted the police and Paul Haddix and John Marshell came and David and Evon managed to pry the door open and then the Paul and John busted what I assume was the bathroom door (we never saw her after daddy and I left the house earlier). So they took her to Hazard. She called daddy and told him off and told him that when she got out they were getting a divorce. She talked to me and said "You see what you have gotten me into?" I told her I loved her and she said "No you don't you have hated me since you met your family." That's not true I love her and I feel really bad about sending her to that place but she needs help. Help that daddy and me can't give her. I just hope that someday she will understand that I didn't do this to spite her or to show I hated her. I did it because I love her and I don't want her hurting herself or anyone else.