Wednesday, March 9, 2005

So we are comin home and we stop at Fill Zone to get gas and there is Jamie who mom has been trying to get up with for like 2 weeks. So I go with him and I fill him on whats going on in my life then we go to my house. Mom talks to him for like ages then we still him and sit up the whole night talking and playin 21 questions. Which is quite fun I might add. So we stayed up and like around 7:30am when the boys got up mom cooked us breakfest. Jamie stayed over here and we watched "House of 1,000 Corpses". And the we started on "Anacondas: Search For The Blood Orchid" or something like that. Anywayz we didn't finish it because Jamie left around 3:50pm saying that he would be back in an hour and a half. But yeah he didn't come back he fell asleep at his house so I figure we will either hear from him later tonight or tomorrow. I have to say this though.....he is the sweetest guy and I wish I could get lucky enough to find someone as good as he is.