Sunday, March 20, 2005

Meeting My Family

Wow yesterday was literally the best day of my life. I got to meet my two brothers, sister, uncle and aunt, nephew, cousins, and my brother-in-lay. It was awesome.

Amy is 18, married, with a son Cameron Allen. She is sweet and has a nice persoanlity. Kill Cam Cam is gonna be spoiled let mer tell you. Kurt her husband reminds me of a mix between Romans and Anthony Vires.

David turned 17 yesterday. I said it was one heck of a birthday persent for David to meet his sister who he thought had died. He is more quiet and shy. I unno it's weird. He is big into wrestling.

Shane is like meee! I mean personality wise he is so much like me it is scary. Him and me just clicked. He got to come home with me so he is here till my b-day. I think Amy might be coming down for my birthday and I guess Shane will go back with her. His girlfriend Rachel is 6 months along? I think? It's a boy...Conner. They live with Tina (my mom). I think they might come live with us....maybe. If I am lucky. Him and me just clicked I mean it was like I knew him all my life.

Tina (my mom) is in her 30's. I didn't meet her and quite frankly I don't want to. She is on pills and stuff, and all around reminds me way to much of Chris's mom. I like the mom I got....even though I say I hate her at times.

Ducky was supposed to go with me but he didn't that's okay. I know this sounds crazy....but omg he is wonderful. You all are probably like "Here we go again she has another one....I wonder how long THIS one will last." Nah it's not even like that. We aren't dating. But I told mom that I was going to marry this one someday. I unno it's something about the fact that he is 25, has two kids, and has been around and has learned from him mistakes. Being older he has the maturity I seek, the personality I seek. I unno. If I sat down and put together what all I want in a guy is almost 99.9% what I seek. For real. I dunno....I ain't gonna push it the ball is in his court. He has two kids, and he knows AND respects (big difference from most of the others) the fact that I am not going to screw him. It's great. We will have to see what happens.

So yeah I am sitting up at 5:44am talking to Ducky. I have church at 11am and I have had about 1 1/2 hours of sleep. So isn't that great. I think I am going to sneak some coffee in the morning so I don't sleep through church.

Well I guess I will run. TTYL.

Edit way later today: OMG Jamie and I are dating!!!! *screams and jumps up and done* Oh my God I am the luckiest girl who ever walked the face of the earth