Sunday, March 20, 2005

Hey what's crackalaton?'s been wicked awesome. I mean brother is with me!!!!!! I can't believe it. I love it, I really do. Hopefully he and his girlfriend will move into the basement. Then I can have my brother, and girl, and a nephew all here. Real family. That's real.

Ducky is here now. Jennifer was all over him and I was thinking "back up girl" you know? I mean dang. Anywayz he said something about letting Jen date him and I was like "hell no" and he was all like "why" and I finally said "because your mine." Yeah so yeah. I am happy he is coming to Greensburg yeah. It's awesome.

I shut my index, middle, and ring finger in the garage door today. Dang it all it was freaking painful. I mean I hadn't cried over something hurting in a long time but that crap hurt. The tips are still really sore.

So its official Shane is the one that can dance. Oh yeah, he is for sure pimp at that.

OMG I was out with ducky and like he let me drive it was cool. From BP down to McDonald's back downtown, and to the Christian Church where I turned it over to him and let him drive home. It was cool.